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Touch & Gesture

It’s 2018 and the technologies that were used to create touchscreens are continuously evolving since their inception. We can say, touch screens are getting smarter with every iteration of technological development. Gesture control has been empowered by a small number of simultaneous touches which gets reported and recorded independently. Thus, 2D/3D Gesture today is a reality. UI/UX are what has been improved by the optimization of Touch & Gesture technology.

Epsilon electronics is offering successful Touch and Gesture technology solutions that have already found their place in entertainment and gaming domains. Our gesture control solutions can easily cater your home, automobile and more endeavours through its commonplace technology appeal. Wave your hand to turn on the lights or even switch on your television with our inputs and Epsilon electronics. Our 3D sensor technology is empowering us to innovate and serve our users better.

We can say there are three prime technologies available on hand that enables a better capturing of 3D images, they are a stereoscopic vision, time of flight and the last, structured light pattern. People at Epsilon electronics are experts in the domain and knows about the concept inside out. Let us be your provider for best gesture recognition and appearance modelling experience in the market.

Applications that come handy with Touch & Gesture control:


Now drive your vehicles safely with the introduction of Touch and Gesture solutions in the automobile industry. Today driving your car with just gestures is highly possible through technology driven touch panel. Your car, embedded with an array of sensors and our gesture control support can make it possible for you to obtain an unparalleled control of your car, cool stuff, right?

For Workaholics

Are you a workaholic who is frustrated due to making tiring presentations? Well, we at Epsilon electronics have a good news for all the work enthusiasts. You can get access to a device that lets you control your laptop or PC with just hand gestures. Therefore, no need to physically execute anything. Even for gamers, you can play for hours without even making your palms and fingers tired. The world of wireless control is getting possible with dedicated inputs from Touch and Gesture technology.

Smart Homes

Do you know, you can control almost every electronic device in your homes with gestures? Well, Epsilon electronics is making these dreams come true by innovating and manufacturing an array of products for the same. Leveraging the Wi-FI, gesture recognition system can provide you with amenities like waving an arm or even punch and get executed some desired task automagically. Control lights, TVs, air-conditioners, thermostat and almost anything with this technology.

Automatic Machines

The idea here is to make machines that execute a certain array of task deciding upon the inputs provided by a dedicated gesture control technology. Just suppose as soon as you yawn, a coffee dispenser prepares a hot coffee for you? Well, deriving from that, we at Epsilon electronics can help you with innovating products and support from scratch for the customized demand of our users. Just smile and get a flower too.


Healthcare sector can benefit greatly by leveraging the touch and gesture control technologies by installing robots equipped with the same to save lives by analysing and recognizing life-threatening aspects like strokes or even the heart attacks.

We at Epsilon electronics is making it possible to develop alternative computer interfaces, get access to gesture control, voice recognition, facial recognition and more in a single machine or product. We are increasing the usability and creativity factor with our produce. Disabled persons can also leverage our support for attaining an easier life.