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AI & Machine Learning: Intelligence is the future!

As the time passes, an array of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Machine Learning and more are amazing a huge majority of technology enthusiasts. If we talk specifically about the world of Artificial Intelligence, it has paved their way since 1950’s. People are working hard to establish an intelligence appeal with machines. Whether it’s learning, planning or even social intelligence, AI is getting empowered and is continuously showcasing human-related intelligent behaviours.

From an industrial point of view, it can be said that one can just simply outrun their competitors just because you’re in possession of better office equipment. Speed is what is driving the whole endeavour here. For the purpose of producing radical efficiency gains, Artificial Intelligence is your out of the box pick and we at Epsilon Electronics are offering a commendable range of products and offering support with Google AI, Tensor Flow and even IBM Watson. At Epsilon Electronics, we believe that AI can leave a mind-blowing impact if everybody can use it, thus we’re making our solutions scalable as well as robust.

Does Machine Learning even matter?

In the today’s ever-changing world, you don’t want to be left behind and feel that you lag when it comes to coping-up with technology right? Google had developed an AI prototype which can not only interact with humans for tech support, but it could also engage with users through expressing opinions and much more. The rate at which technology is accelerating is impressive and we can say that machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Identification of objects is what takes place when a machine learning algorithm works. Knowing about machine learning is a great way to get acquainted with the world of AI and we are your potential-filled choice for the same.

Major applications associated with AI and Machine Learning:


“Hello, Siri!!”, a majority of us have tried getting acquainted with Apple’s very own personal assistant, Siri. The friendly female voice with which you interact on daily basis is a pseudo-intelligent digital assistant which is a result of AI and Machine Learning combined. Siri hears to our questions and requests, evaluates the same through its dedicated machine learning algorithm and hence, displays the relevant results and execute the desired tasks.


When we talk about smart homes or home automation, Alexa is that name that pops-up on the list. The technology took the world by a storm, both artificial intelligence and machine learning goes hand-in-hand when you ask Alexa to turn on the lights or even play some music. Your command is broken into small packets and the same is evaluated by dedicated algorithms and hence, you get to hear the song which you requested without even physically touching anything. From narrow AI to general AI, every bit of it is filled with a multi-billion dollar adventure. The concept of Smart Cities can benefit hugely by incorporation of AI.


Googles driverless cars and Teslas autopilot are two fine examples if we associate Automobiles with Artificial Intelligence. Equipped with an array of high-tech functionalities like voice recognition, self-parking, collision detection and avoidance and even navigation, smart automobiles today are a reality. Just imagine you summon your car and it reaches the place all by itself by making use of navigation, Artificial intelligence and of course, the machine learning. Thus, a promising relationship amidst IoT (Internet of Things) and AI can be established.

Healthcare Industry

When it comes to a patients diagnosis and treatment, artificial intelligence is finding its root there as well. Healthcare has been benefitted by an array of AI applications that comes handy when it comes to the requirement for multiple machines and high-tech equipment. Delivering point-to-point results without an error, AI and machine learning ability powered applications are changing the way medical procedures were delivered. Epsilon electronics understand the versatility of the same and strive to provide dedicated products, support and service for AI and Machine Learning related endeavours.

Customer Service

Have you ever chatted with a customer service representative on a website? Well, there are great chances that it was an AI-powered software which was addressing your queries by analysing your inputs. The software tends to work by concentrating on keywords which had been inputted by the programmer and as soon as you make a query, it sorts your input and looks for the potential keywords and hence, gives you a certain reply.