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Smart Metering: Creating a Greener World

As the demand for electric power & gas increases constantly, achieving an efficient as well as a reliable energy distribution system is vital. We can say enabling the Smart Grid can be your best pick for reducing the costs, getting access to demand-side management as well as cutting the carbon footprint as well. Smart meters today, are a significant part of the Smart Grid which enables a two-way communication. This is achieved by delivering meter readings automagically as well as via interfacing remotely with the utility. Thus, the setup provides a detailed and diversified data about the consumption patterns of the users, therefore, a consumer can now make much-informed decisions.

Since smart meters work on the concept of demand-side management, therefore, fraud detection, reducing peak loads, prevention of outages as well connecting/disconnecting remotely is possible through a better energy measurement. We at Epsilon electronics are offering the best Smart Metering Solutions in the country. Our smart metering solutions are flexible, agile, secure and interoperable in nature. Our products and services can enable communication amidst an array of meters, collect and transmit meter data for analysis and much more. Therefore, our smart meters offer better readings and that too automatically.

Benefits that come handy with Smart Metering:

  • Remote management of manual operations, thus, reduces operation cost
  • Streamline power-consumption
  • Energy theft can be decreased hugely
  • Forecasting can be improved


Applications of Smart Metering:

Load Analysis, modelling and forecasting:

When we talk about load analysis, consumption data for gas, electricity and more can be used to calculate the same. Such type of information is valuable for retail suppliers as well as the customers. Smart Meter’s data is also valuable for governments around the world when it comes to planning or revamping a power distribution network.

Monitoring the energy’s quality

You can literally monitor the quality of power that has been delivered to you. In short, you can audit the voltage quality that you’re getting. You can also make sure that voltage doesn’t deviate too much and you get an ideal power supply. Virtually auditing an energy is possible with the help of Smart Meters.

Business Intelligence

This one is obvious, information is gold. The more info utilities have regarding how much, where and when the energy was used, better management plans can be developed. Demand patterns for both, businesses and homes can be studied through the same. Thus, operational performance can be increased.

Events and Alerts

As soon as any voltage spike happens, you can get instant alerts with a Smart Meter. What comes as a fascinating fact is that, you get information about tamper detection & even meter malfunction. A cloud application can reflect the events and alerts, and the same can be accessed throughout the world.