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NFC: Technology empowering a cashless society!

NFC or Near Field Communication has emerged as one of the finest technology for wireless transmission for secured data. NFC is that technology which is responsible for transferring data amidst NFC-powered smart devices. When you add NFC with any physical device, it simply becomes smart, although an individual requirement for each product still differs.

Limited to about 4 inches or 10 centimetres of data transfer range, NFC tags are made up of a radio chip, nanoantenna and a storage memory for storing the crucial data while transferring. At the receiver’s side, when it comes to picking the NFC signals, EM waves generated by senders can be picked up by a receiver with much ease.

Applications that come handy with NFC technology:


You might have heard the term e-wallets, in today’s time, when agility is increasing through technology, it can be said that our transaction system required an alternative too. The cashless system today is becoming a reality. NFC powered devices are offering a seamless process for making payments, with just a simple tap, you can now make your desired payments while in the vicinity of receiver’s machine. For example, Android Pay or Samsung Pay is the leading entries in the list.


When it comes to accuracy blended with convenience, there is no match for NFC. Near Field Communication offers an array of pros like easy check-ins, medicine prescribing process, making payments ad much more. Therefore, the process of entering a hospital & getting your diagnosis has been simplified by NFC. Epsilon electronics provide an array of NFC products and support which are ready to cater your everyday requirements. Since NFC enabled devices can be easily discovered and paired, they are highly deployable.

Keyless Unlock

Lets say you were out somewhere and your house’s door was unlocked, now, as soon as you enter in your house’s proximity, the door gets automatically open. Well, this is possible with the help of NFC. Close and accurate location-based triggering using NFC is a reality and is getting deployed in higher volumes around the world. NFC tags combined with RF tags can also be used for the purpose. Therefore, replacing keys and cards to access locks is now possible.

Smart Home

Do you know, with the help of a Nano-NFC tag, you can turn your ordinary house into a smart house with its own database? Well, with the help of NFC and desired operating system applications, we can establish a direct relationship between IoT devices & your smartphone. Doesn’t matter if its location-based or user-input based, NFC can provide an absolute control of your house on your smartphone.

Virtual travel ticket

What would be better if your smartphone is your ticket for your bus or train related travel endeavours? With the help of NFC and dedicated applications, it is possible to deploy a system where a user can pay online for the tickets & the NFC tag can be updated with the information. As soon as the tag is scanned at some toll or station, you can obtain instant access to the service desired.