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Lora Technology

Lora is that powerful technology which is connecting people, machines, sensors, gateways & more to the world of Cloud. Lora is the solution to the ever-increasing demand for user-end devices for long-range transmissions. Low-power consumption, cost-effective solution and easy deployment are what Lora is providing to the world. We can say Lora technology is like plug and play when it comes to the Internet of Things applications.

Epsilon electronics Lora technology solutions are ready to go, we can help you with our splendid electronic products. Get access to out of the box applications and save development costs as well.

How is Lora re-defining the transmission trends?

If there is one thing for which Lora is known for is its large distance transmission ability. Do you know, you can transmit the data for over 15 flat kilometres? What comes as a splendid fact is that, Lora is battery friendly and it consumes so little power, you can obtain over 10 years of battery life with the same. We all require safety when we talk about transmitting sensitive data over larger distances, remember more is the distance, more the data is prone to breaches. Lora is empowering the IoT with its high-grade security abilities. The network created using this technology is so efficient that there isn’t a single hop in the mesh topology.

What are the futuristic applications of Lora technology?

Smart Cities

Smart Cities today are a necessity, Lora enabled LoRaWAN (Lora Wide-Area Network) is the latest technology which is significant to achieve the dream of smart cities. When it comes to environmental monitoring, parking support, automatic street lightning and even fleet management, LoRaWAN is the winner. Bi-directional communication & agility factor have been increased by Lora manifolds.

Asset Tracking

When we talk about asset tracking, several technologies like GPS, BLE or even RFID might come handy, but the cost involved and infrastructural requirement would be huge. To cater this challenge, Lora has been evolved by simple IT integration techniques. Epsilon electronics is offering a wireless solution for enterprise as well as industrial customers who are in requirement of securely connecting their IoT devices to Cloud.

Air Quality & Pollution Control:

As we know Lora can provide unprecedented interoperability amidst connected objects, end devices can communicate much easier than before. Through LoraWAN, air quality monitoring tools are now a reality. Packed in an aluminium casing & installed throughout the city, you can get access to vital data and hence, can take steps to minimize the effects. A3 detector with LoraWAN and a mobile application are what is required for the job. Epsilon electronics understand the customized array of requirements of our customers and strive to deliver the same.

Health Monitoring Devices

IoT devices powered by Lora are changing the healthcare trends today. From patient-data collection to track the real-time location, Lora has found its place deep in the health sector. You can also leverage the abilities of Lora for elderly or even pet care. Monitor the engagement & activities of patients with added ease.

Smart Farming

With the advancement of technology, the century is bringing breath-taking technological dreams to reality. Today, IoT can help you with higher acidity ratio in the soil, self-driving tractors that can be controlled by remote are possible, livestock sensors are available too. Therefore, the solutions provided by Lora enabled IoT setups are cost-friendly as well as can help farmers grow better crops.