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BLE Technology: The futuristic protocol

When it comes to BLE protocols, we can say that they’re garnering all the limelight for all the right reasons. BLE, that is Bluetooth Low Energy protocol has established itself as the leading wireless standard for point-to-point exclusive communication. Although BLE technology is limited to small-scale applications or those where low power requirement is the priority, we can’t ignore the fact that there are billions of BLE enabled devices operational around the world at this very moment. From a smart kitchen toaster to higher-end automobiles, an array of technical applications are relying upon BLE technology.

Which BLE solution is the best for you?

We at Epsilon electronics strive to provide you with informative insights and products based on the same to cater your needs. When we talk about picking a Bluetooth Low Energy solution, you should stress the following parameters:

  • Electrical Specifications
  • Functionality desired
  • Form Factor
  • Technical support and more

We are providing excellence with our electronic products, plus you also get access to our unprecedented range of customer service. Do you know, by making use of BLE technology, you can run a simple device with a small battery for over 5 years, fascinating right? If we associate IoT devices with BLE technology, we can say the sky is the limit for development. Since BLE sensors encompass a huge potential to measure accurate data and transmitting the same without any error.

Bluetooth Beacon: Best for Location-Based tasks

Bluetooth beacons in simpler terms are hardware transmitters. If you’re looking forward to the broadcasting of an identifier to various electronic devices located in the vicinity, BLE enabled Beacon to come handy for the job. Several applications like customer tracking, triggering any location-based action or determining any device’s current location is all possible now. An indoor positioning system is yet another exclusive offering of Beacon technology.

The major applications that come handy with Bluetooth Low Energy technology are:

Home or Building Automation

Catering both, smartphone accessibility and customer’s convenience, Bluetooth Low Energy tech is garnering more number of users as the time pass. Agility and error-free recording of data are what we expect from any BLE based application. You can consider our BLE device solutions and industry 4.0 solutions for the same.

Smart Locks for Doors and Windows

Wondering about controlling your doors with just your smartphone? Well, what comes as a fascinating fact is that, with the optimization of Bluetooth and improvisation of BLE technology, it is now possible to get access to smarter locks for your doors. Get round the clock alerts and hence, a greater security with your BLE devices. Epsilon Electronics is also providing dedicated products for customized and ever-changing needs of our customers.

BLE Wireless ECG Monitoring System

What if we say that there is a wireless electrocardiogram monitoring system that has been made by integrating BLE technology. With the help of just a Bluetooth module, single-chip ECG signal module and of course, a smartphone with proper application, you can now get access to ECG signals. BLE has reduced both hard-wired setup and high power consumption that was catered by ordinary ECG systems.

Smart Wallet

BLE Technology has made it possible to keep your wallet secure. Get notifications every-time you leave your wallet behind. Added security for your cash and cards is possible just because of BLE enabled smart wallet. Now connect your phone to your wallet and remain tension free.

Automatic Payments through Beacon

The idea of automatic payments as soon as you leave a store is now possible with Beacon’s payments applications. Beacon encompasses a potential to initiate an automatic payment process for the purpose of making payment process seamless.