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Wi-Fi for IoT: A Viable Combination

Epsilon electronics is offering an array of innovative wireless solutions for the purpose of meeting the industry-specific requirements of our customers. When we talk about providing reliable, secure and high-performing product experience, we can cater your every requirement no matter how difficult is the challenge.

IoT and the potential associated with it:

What comes as a fascinating fact is that there were over 8.4 billion IoT devices such as Amazon Echo, Home Automation, Smart Medical Device and more were connected worldwide in the year 2017 and this figure is increasing rapidly. It would be wise to say that applications or devices based on Internet of Things encompass an array of connectivity needs when it comes to throughput, range and even cost associated with it. Well, Wi-Fi is that technology which is garnering all the limelight due to its inevitable technical specifications like larger coverage, low power requirement and a lower-cost.

What makes us different?

We at Epsilon electronics are providing an array of Wi-Fi products and services that can cater both, your personal and business requirements. If you’re looking forward to the domain of products like Wireless ECG system, Wireless Touch Printer Controller, Wireless 2G or 3G based control board and more, then we can be your out of the box pick.

How might recent developments in Wi-Fi technology affect IoT? When we talk about the present Wi-Fi technology, the following are some offerings that make it a viable choice for IoT:

  • Easy Deployment
  • Low Cost
  • Agility
  • Points of Presence and more

We can say a majority of IoT applications can leverage the booming connectivity option Wi-Fi offers, and we at Epsilon electronics will continue to serve our customers with best of Wi-Fi-based electronic products and services. If we talk about the recent development when it comes to Wi-Fi, there is this new emerging Wi-Fi standard called Wi-Fi 802.11ax that might offer an improved coordination amidst data transmitted through your router and devices connected to it respectively. What comes as a great fact is that, you might be able to obtain transmitting speeds up to 10.49 Gbps with the introduction of the same.

Challenge In Hand?

It is evident to mention that IoT leads to the creation of a borderless world which is operational online or simply referred to as cloud, is prone to security attacks. Protecting the privacy is of utmost importance here. Do you know, your network admin won’t even know how applications based on IoT are interacting with Cloud if the network is left unmonitored. We can say, there are never-ending Cloud applications and so as Cloud API, therefore security & data protection is necessary.

Therefore, we can say our array of products ranging from Embedded hardware, PCB Manufacturing, Hardware Design & Wireless Environment Monitoring System can help you protect your identity. Epsilon electronics is working hard & innovating most exclusive or technical products for our customers. Hence, meeting both, present, futuristic goals as well as solving the technical challenges in hand is what we look forward to.