Wireless ECG System

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Wireless ECG System

Are you worried about your or your love one’s health? No time to visit hospitals for regular health checkups? Don’t worry, Epsilon has smart wireless ECG System which offers portable health monitoring solution with easy set up. Patients don’t have to be stationary, they can move to any place, any time while ECG system monitors their heart beats. A motivational element behind this trend is to reduce costs of remote monitoring, where patients don’thave to be at hospital, they can be observed at their home or from ambulance or from any convenient place.

The wireless ECG (electrocardiogram) monitoring system crucially improves the detection of the heart diseases of cardiac patients, primarily observed by permanent monitoring. If there is any accidental change in the heart rate, an immediate alarm is transferred to the physician. Our ECG monitoring system has divide in subsystem like Bluetooth technology, ECG module and mobile application as monitor.

Increasing perception of the benefits of a healthy, self-governing lifestyle has created a booming market for healthcare devices that allow people to monitor their health in the serenity of their home. With the fast development of wireless technologies, the researches on mobile healthcare and tele medical systems have still been a hot topic.

  • Single Chip 24 Bit accuracy for ECG Signal
  • Defibrillator for patient’s safety
  • Lead off detection to reduce measurement errors
  • Less number of leads, convenient to wear for long time
  • Various hardware filters to reduce noise
  • ECG waveform analysis and extraction of P, QRS, and T wave components
  • Bluetooth V4.2 which supports high speed data transfer
  • Battery operated with minimum back up of 8-10 Hrs
  • Minimum Latency during transmission
  • Private Cloud Connectivity for Securing data