Smart Connected Wallet

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Smart Connected Wallet

Ever wonder about making your wallet smart, yes we are changing the way you are living life style, your every personal gadget/accessories can be smart and intelligent by applying expertise we have. CEEL is a smart wallet that is smart enough to give an alert on your phone when you left it behind you.

Bother about your value able items when you leave your space for a moment, CEEL takes care of your items placed inside it. Access is possible via either touch screen based Password or Phone application.

Completely configurable parameters via Mobile Phone Applications.

  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • BLE 4.1 Enable
  • Tracking via mobile Application
  • Battery Operated
  • USB Fast Charging
  • Android &Ios Connectivity
  • Alert via Buzzer
  • Battery Status on Screen
  • Compact to fit into your pocket