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Wearable & Lifestyle Technology

Wearable and Lifestyle technology is one of the hottest topic these days. When we talk about IoT, Wearable devices like Smart Gadgets even Smart Clothes pops on the top of the list. The concept of Wearable technology blended with IoT is impacting and changing our lives to a greater extent. Epsilon Electronics believes in the fact that, technology is the key to happy life. We strive to inculcate innovation in our every product and hence, we’re providing an array of Wearable and Lifestyle technology products and services.

When it comes to Connected Product solution components, the portfolio of Epsilon Electronics is huge. Our professionals hold immense knowledge of aspects like Cloud, Embedded Devices, and Artificial Intelligence all under the same roof. A small device like your fitness tracker can now communicate with your smartphone and display the vital data.

It would be wise to say that Lifestyle technology and Wearable related devices fall in the domain of highly personalized devices. Enhanced communication, sensing, recognition, memory management etc. are some of the prime amenities with this technology. Mobile Devices can now manipulate the appeal of your clothes with the introduction of Smart Clothes. You might forget the fitness bands as Connected Clothes provides a higher level of customization and analytical data about your body and habits. Your shirt, shoes, coat and much more now holds the capability to recognize your touch & analyze your habits.

Blooming aspects & applications related to Wearable and Lifestyle technology:

Smart Clothes

Gone are the days when sensors were just limited to be applied on your wrist for the purpose of measuring health data through any fitness tracker or medical devices. Today, as the technology progress, the sensors today are capable of being embedded amidst a piece of fabric that you might wear. Lifestyle wearables are getting mainstream and encompassing an array of potential for booming business growth. Minute workings of the human body can be received and analyzed through the dedicated sensors embedded in your regular clothing. From analyzing your sweat to keeping your heart in good shape, a whole new range of medical viability has been featured by Smart and Connected Clothes. What comes as a fascinating fact is that, you’re not required to change your routine to blend with the ravishing technology. Wrist trackers might get obsolete over a period of time and smart clothes might take the place in your wardrobes.

Smart Glasses

Equipped with powerful EOG (Electro-oculography) sensors, Smart Glasses are breaking the stereotypes in the wearable technology domain. These normal looking pair of glasses holds the potential to decipher the information and gestures made by you and perform a certain array of tasks. The smart glasses can be connected to your Mobile Device and hence, basic tasks like changing the song or clicking a picture are now possible by just flicking your eyes. The sky is the limit for further functional innovation.

Smart Wallet

What comes as a ravishing fact is that, your ordinary wallet is evolving into a smart wallet through the inculcation of IoT. A majority of people usually forget their wallet one way or other in their lifetime. Epsilon Electronics is offering various Smart Wallets which are reducing the hassle and providing a unique solution in the form of added security. Stay always connected with your wallet through your mobile device & touch-screen. Thus, be remain sure about the safety of cash and cards. Bluetooth and IoT play an integral part in the whole process. You can also personalize the wallet’s settings to fit your routine. Your smart wallet will alert you whenever you leave it behind by mistake.