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Audio and Video Technology Solution

Nobody in this rapidly transforming world can ignore the fact that Internet of Things is a blooming reality! From innovative business models to self-driving cars, IoT is making a revolutionizing change in digital transformation. Both information and data can be referred as building blocks for services that encompass a potential to drive the much-needed new customer value. Experts available at Epsilon Electronics are breaking the stereotype in the market by providing most sought after Audio and Video technology solution in the region.

Leverage our strong portfolio to garner the best support for your business & personal growth. Amenities like Audio over Internet, Video over the Internet and much more are possible today. Information Technology sector and Audio Video sector are on a verge of convergence with the aid of open connectivity which is provided by the Internet of Things blended with Audio & Video Technology domain. High-quality Audio Data Transfer as well as signal processing act as a catalyst for a better information sharing, mobility and collaboration.

As the technology advances, today a certain array of integrated cameras and sensors can recognize any unusual pattern or behavior. Object Identifications is done through intelligent-based algorithms. Thus, we can say that the property of Image Analysis has opened up our world to a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. Where there are algorithms in the world of IoT, there is Augmented Reality. Sensors, cameras and other digital devices can integrate with the visitor’s smartphone or wearables & can provide them with an unparalleled virtual reality experience. Thus, both, AI & VR plays a crucial role in the world of image analysis & Audio-Video technology solution.

Major applications & aspects associated with Audio & Video technology solution:

IP Cameras for security

There are cameras that can be operated by IP i.e. Internet Protocol. These cameras can record and transmit any type of footage to a system present anywhere in the world. Further, complex algorithms can be implemented that might help the user with their image analysis goals. If you’re looking forward to obtaining esteemed Audio and Video solutions, then Epsilon Electronics is your state of the art pick.

Voice Over the Internet

What comes as a fascinating fact is that, once can literally play with and transmit an array of audio data through dedicated voice over internet products and service we offer. Hardware like a microphone will act as an input device for your voice, enabled with IOT, the same can transmit your voice to any receiving station around the globe. Cloud plays a vital role in both, audio as well as video transmissions. Recording and using voice commands has become much easier.

Video Analytics

It would be evident to say that, when it comes to traffic monitoring, a real-time response is of utmost importance. Thus, IOT has enabled video analytics to minimize the video processing at the back-end and hence, the same has made entire video transmission system simple from as low as an edge to the desired data centre. Hence, more points of video capture and further analysis are possible now.

Personal Assistants

We all are pretty acquainted with the hype associated with personal assistants these days right? Almost everybody is talking about this revolutionary technology. Epsilon electronics is offering an array of solutions for Audio and Video Technology solution under the personal assistant domain. Just like the war between the Cortana and Siri goes on, we strive to provide an unparalleled smart voice control experience to our users. Intelligent personal assistant based on Internet of Things can do almost anything for you. From brewing up the coffee to controlling your smart house & HVAC setup as well. IPA or Intelligent personal assistants encompasses a huge potential to learn from the user by collecting the info autonomously through objects present in the vicinity.We are integrating IPAs into ubiquitous computing environment with added ease.

Data Over Voice

Leveraging the voice channel of a user’s smartphone, DOV i.e. Data Over Voice can be utilized to a greater extent by making use of Epsilon’s revolutionary data-over-voice transaction tech. Face-2-Face solutions are what is achievable through our inputs. The principle of operation is pretty tantamount to the previous one when a user places a call, the smartphone acts as a communication device amidst platform as well as point-of-sale terminal. Transaction tokens are sent with the help of voice signals to the terminal device from the user’s phone. Thus, the terminal further detects and initiates any sort of requested transaction.

Intelligent Signal Processing & hence, Passing

Low-cost hardware can be blended with sensors for the purpose of designing, implementing and simulating the signal processing complex algorithms. Both, performance and power usage of a device can be optimized through a better signal processing mechanism which IOT ensures. The aspect offered by IoT in Audio and Video technology domain is vital for real-time computation. When it comes to IoT, Internet Protocol includes audio offload, 3G, baseband radio, security, image, video signal processing, LTE and much more. We can also make specialized device apps to act as a controller to deliver content to other wireless speakers or soundbars at the house or offices.