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When we talk about the vehicles and the manufacturing industry associated with it, it would be wise to say that data analytics, artificial intelligence as well as IoT embedded cloud applications are changing the scenario. Roads might become safer if cars drive themselves, roads would be less congested and also be accessible to everybody. Well, talking about the present scenario, automakers are inculcating high-speed wireless means of connectivity for the purpose of bringing software and services to vehicles.

We at Epsilon electronics are providing an array of innovative Transportation & Automotive industry products and services. The company has a strong portfolio for the domain with the most sought-after products like IoT, Vehicle Tracking, Machine learning powered smart vehicle products and more. In other words, we are making your car a smart vehicle, thus, reducing an array of automotive problems. Our prime offering is the automatic toll plaza tax collection system. Now you don’t have to wait in long queues. Our solutions are robust and highly-scalable, thus, the degree of vehicular mobility might increase manifold.

Prime applications of smart Transportation and Automotive domain:

Asset Tracking

For all the entrepreneurs out there, tracking the location and ensuring the viability of their valuable assets is of utmost importance. We can say, IoT introduction in the Automobile segment can ensure the safety of your vehicle, plus, the same can generate new revenue streams as you’ll save more and reduce the risks. Real-time information can be extracted with our solutions at Epsilon, thus, locating your heavy vehicles is now piece of a cake. You can take immediate action in case of an emergency. Thus, Epsilon electronics is safeguarding your fleet of vehicles and hence, associated growth.

Connected Car

In todays time, anything that leads to a better connectivity is appreciated. Similarly, IoT in Automobile segment can enhance the users driving experience to a great degree. Thus, we can say, with Epsilon electronics smart vehicle products, you can get access to much-important data about the performance of the vehicle. It has become possible to study driving behavior as well. Dedicated navigation services, real-time traffic details, crash notifications, assistance for road-side and much more are some of the generous examples of IoT in Automobile.

Business Fleet Management

For truck and cab vendors, what comes as a fascinating fact is that, you can optimize your vehicle business through our products at Epsilon electronics. Our smart vehicle automation products can provide you with crucial analytical data necessary for cutting down the fuel costs, optimizing the routes as well as reducing the operational expenses. When it comes to remote access, you can remotely diagnose any maintenance requirement. Thus, agility and robustness of your vehicle fleet are ensured. Rental car companies can leverage our inputs for the purpose of providing faster emergency support, a better customer service as well as record driving behavior.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to reaping the absolute potential of technology for your vehicles, Epsilon electronics can be your out of the box pick. Without products you can connect, monitor as well as can efficiently manage your vehicles and that too with remote access.