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Medical & Healthcare solution

When it comes to Wireless Healthcare, we at Epsilon electronics are offering an array of products and services to streamline your healthcare related endeavors. It would be wise to mention that the inculcation of IoT has been increased significantly across various domains of healthcare as well as medical equipment. Today, with the help of IoT enabled products like Wireless ECG and various other connected devices, you can obtain accelerated, accurate & reliable health care at tips. Artificial Intelligence is enabling concepts & aspects such as remote monitoring, monitoring and even, telemedicine respectively.

Breaking the stereotype

Epsilon electronics understands the need of the healthcare domain and strives to provide the most novel of healthcare products to our customers. The company is offering an array of remote monitoring products like a Wireless ECG system. What comes as a fascinating fact is that, doctors can now monitor your health through the data recorded and transmitted to the cloud by our product. Hence, we’re continuously accelerating our healthcare innovation endeavors.

We’ve also innovated a potential-filled smart socket for prostheses. The socket can be customized as per the user’s comfort level and that too automatically. With the help of real-time digital inputs, the smart socket can tighten or loosen the grip as per the movements made by the user. Thus, through dedicated research and innovation, we’re breaking the stereotypes in the medical segment throughout the country.

Medical & Healthcare applications:

Real-time location access

When it comes to tracking the device which was used to treat a patient, doctors can now leverage the potential offered by IoT in healthcare domain and can get access to the real-time location of the same. Medical apparatuses like wheelchairs, monitoring equipment, scales, pumps and more can be tagged with our real-time location access products, thus, you can have them at your tips in case of an emergency.

Remote Monitoring

This is one of the most crucial & important applications of IoT in healthcare domain. Remote Monitoring can be your best pick to deliver quality healthcare in those areas and regions where healthcare services are not up to mark. Doctors can receive and monitor a patient through insightful data recorded and transmitted over the cloud by our products. Thus, if there is any change required in vital functions of any individual, sensors will alert you.

Predicting arrival of patients

What comes as a fascinating fact is that, with the help of AI and IoT in healthcare, we can predict the arrival of a patient in the Intensive Care Unit. The ambulances can be tagged with a certain array of our products and thus, you won’t waste a single second to prepare to operate after a patient arrives.

Better Patient Experience

When we associate technology with healthcare, the goal is to provide a quality healthcare experience to a patient while investing in technology in a cost-effective manner. IoT devices have made it possible for medical staff to get access to patient’s data from the cloud in seconds. Thus, better communication to the family is possible in case of an emergency. Also, immediate attention to a patient can also be delivered.

AI-powered virtual health assistant

What would be better than your very own virtual assistant who will alert you about taking your medicines on time? Well, Artificial intelligence has enabled this dream into reality. Virtual healthcare assistants are made up of complex algorithms, the same can provide you quality insights with respect to your medical condition or even diet restrictions. Thus, IoT and Artificial intelligence solutions at Epsilon electronics can be your out of the box pick to a seamless healthcare experience.