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Industry 4.0 Solution

When we talk about Industry 4.0 manufacturing, it would be wise to say that the concept is all about optimizing the performance of smaller IoT components. The dream of smart manufacturing today is a reality through inculcation & implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts. Machine builders or manufacturers can leverage the Industry 4.0 technology revolving around the industry evolution to obtain a faster and more efficient production process.

Epsilon electronics is offering a generous array of automation and manufacturing solutions in the country. Our Industry 4.0 portfolio is strong and we tend to cater the high-volume production demand of our customers in the most splendid way. We can say our experience is your benefit, explore the benefits of connected production systems through smart factories with us at Epsilon electronics.

A feedback loop is what has been generating through the blend of IoT in the industries which has led to Industry 4.0. Today, things can analyze and tell themselves how they are being used, or if they require any update or repair. Thus, equipping manufacturers with critical information about the machine health and other insights. This helps to ensure an efficient manufacturing process, you can save both, time and have a profitable manufacturing appeal with our solutions at Epsilon electronics.

Applications and Aspects that come handy with Industry 4.0:

Better maintenance and support

Let us say the machine can tell you when it requires an upgrade or at which place it’s getting malfunctioned, that’d be fascinating right? Connected factories make this amenity a reality by predicting and reporting crucial aspects. Thus, you can obtain a minimum delay in the production process and can cater lesser interruptions.

Customer Connectivity

Learning about the customer needs is of utmost importance. When it comes to going beyond the ordinary manufacturing process & knowing more about what a user wants, Industry 4.0 can be your state of the art pick. As a manufacturer, you can produce better products with minimal to no errors, plus, you’d be able to address the needs of your customers in an unparalleled way.

Logistics & Management

Know the week points of your production process, know how to optimize the machines used to obtain maximum output without actually damaging the same. Industry 4.0 has equipped an array of technologies to offer predictive insights at the grass-root level. Therefore, a manufacturer can then integrate improved machines or solutions to keep their production process up and running.

Remote Monitoring & Assistance

What comes as a fascinating fact is that, Industry 4.0 is offering an unparalleled control of the systems deployed in your hands. Without any geographical restriction, you can access the system without being actually present in the plant. Thus, eliminating the distance amidst a manufacturer and their existing machinery in a plant.

Intelligent Traceability

Let us say there is an error in your production process and machinery has been stopped. In this scenario, Epsilon electronics is equipping the manufacturers with certain cognitive manufacturing solutions. If robot malfunctions, know exactly where is it located. Rather than locating the machine, act rapidly on finding what actually went wrong.