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Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development

We are specialist embedded designers with a huge amount of experience designing products utilizing everything from very low cost 8 bit micro-controller to incredibly powerful 16 and 32 bit processors. The range of embedded devices available today is vast with the cost vs performance equation having become less and less of a factor in new product designs. Combined with falling prices in other technology areas, such as displays, we are able to design increasingly sophisticated devices with the lower and lower production costs. We've built up massive libraries of working software modules over the years, allowing us to provide extremely competitive quotes for many projects. Our in house services include assembler , PHP,C++,JAVA embedded software development.

PC Software Development

We don't just design software for electronic products. We also provide full PC software development services using Visual C++/CLI and C# (.NET). These are the most powerful of all the graphically based PC development languages, allowing us to provide PC applications engineered to run in the fastest and most versatile ways possible.

Android, Linux Software Development

We provide complete application development for the Android, Linux operating system. The introduction of the Android has moved this field from being just relevant to applications for very small personal devices to now encompassing all sorts of electronic product applications. In addition to designing great stand alone application, we're also increasingly being asked to provide connectivity from electronic products to an Android Phone; Tablets based application instead of developing software for the PC. With its intuitive ease of use the user experience is often able to be made simpler and a lot more pleasurable.

Web Services Software Development

Internet connected electronic products often require on-line or 'in the cloud' functionality. As well as developing software for electronic devices and PC's, we're also developing software for web servers and on-line services using PHP, MySQL. Our experience in this field ranges from simple product software update servers to complex web2.0 web sites with massive data storage back ends.

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