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About Our Company

Epsilon Electronics is one of the fastest growing electronics field company in embedded solution professionalism. We are involved in industry product & project development, PCB designing & development.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience makes us the ideal choice for electronic product development. Companies can use us as their entire engineering department, offering substantial savings over providing these facilities in house. Alternatively, our services can be used to supplement existing in house facilities.

We are able to develop new products and software projects on short timescales, getting your concept to market in the minimum time.

In addition to providing complete solutions Epsilon Electronics also offers individual design services to companies. These include:

If you're a design house needing to outsource we are also happy to work as a silent subcontractor and we won't contact your clients directly to introduce ourselves!

Open Source Hardware Development

Open source hardware is a great solution for lots of one off and specialist projects, but it often needs some level of bespoke electronics and software drivers adding for a specific task. We design for open source hardware platforms such as Arduino,Raspberry Pi, Udoo Board and we are able to quickly and cheaply design hardware add one's and software drivers for client projects. This can either be as a complete finished solution or to allow your own onward in-house development. If you are looking at open source hardware for an upcoming project why not use our expertise to do the complex or specialist low level hardware side for you and ensure it is designed correctly. We can even write the basic template software for you, allowing you to get on with your main software functionality.

We also contribute a great deal of our knowledge and resources back to the community through open sourcing and publishing many of our company’s internal notes and libraries. You can see some of our open source resources on our blog.


We help our valued customers for designing project as well as product of customer's given specifications that delivers facinating and qualitative result on your given time.


Our R&D team is continuesly engaged in the field of new technology development that can make today's life much more better through adoption of latest tehcnological trend.


We, at Epsilon Electronics, provide Electronics Instrument Maintenance support to our client who are not able to afford highly priced & complex electronics technology maintenance services.

Universal Interface Board With Display

Features of Universal interface Board is 8 channel LED’s Sensor Input & Output pin Connecting cables, stepper motor, LDR, Push On Switch, Motor Driver ULN2803, Buzzer, D.C motor, Light Torch, Relay ,4x4 matrix keypad.

GSM Based Security System

This helps you to secure your home ,office etc via mobile based secuirty system.It consits of PIR sensor which detecs motion of human and this signal is given to Modem which makes automatic call to predefined number.

GSM Based Devices Control System

Today's fast growing world need everything automatic within very handy tools.This system provides funactionality to Turn on-off any electrical devices by any mobilesystem.

Remote Based Device Controlling System

Home Appliances likeT.V,Fan,Bubl,A.C,Tube Lights can be controlled with anymovement inside home using Remote Based Device Control System whcih contains RF Remote and Receiver Module.

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